L.O.V.E. stands for L.iving O.n a V.ulnerable E.arth and is a developing initiative Juliette Chrétien established to dedicate her work to all kinds of matters that concern the world we live in.
To her, there is more ways to put the spotlight on something than just through the lens of a camera. By bringing together people, Juliette’s aim is to create action in reaction to what we tend to turn a blind eye to.

Together with fellow artists, she launched «Kunst gegen Frauenhandel», an art-auction against women trafficking, which was held in Zurich in 2010 and 2011.
In 2013, Juliette created a concept called «À table» – an outdoor food bank that follows the aim of bringing homeless people sit and eat next to their neighbors and tourists. «À table» was held at Place Baudoyer, Rue des Barres and at Cité des Arts in Paris 4ème in December 2013. Further she looked into the subject of boundaries within the project „Consider Yourself Invited“ for the Belluard Festival in Fribourg 2015.