A good meal does not only depend on good food. Neither do we eat only for the necessity to feed our bodies. Instead, a good meal comes with the ambience of a Parisian Brasserie, the hospitality of an Italian Grotto owner or the intimacy of our own kitchen filled with our loved ones.
We enjoy a good meal thanks to the ambiance it comes with, thanks to the story behind it and thanks to the love with which it has been brought to our plate.
When Juliette Chrétien creates cookbooks she aims at recreating the awareness of life a good meal fulfills us with.
Her first book «Ticino ti cucino» was published in German and Italian at AT-Verlag in 2012. «Ticino ti cucino» was followed by a «Senses of Buonas», a custom made cookbook for Roche in 2013, «Essbare Stadt» and «Esprit the Campagne» as well as «Vegan Love Story» by tibits & Hiltl in 2014.
All books were published by AT-Verlag.